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Mount Nyiragongo erupted in which country in May 2021?

Indonesia Japan Kenya Democratic Republic of the Congo ANS. Democratic Republic of the Congo

SpaceShipTwo, that recently made its first flight to space, is built and operated by which company?

Virgin Galactic Blue Origin Bigelow Aerospace Sierra Nevada Corporation ANS. Virgin Galactic

Recently exported to UK, 'shahi litchi' is a gi-tagged product from which of these places?

Nagpur Kamalapur Muzaffarpur Coorg ANS. Muzaffarpur

Current Affairs : 10 July, 2021

 1. Recently the Indian Army has named the firing range after which actress? Answer: Vidya Balan The Indian Army has named one of its firing...

Current Affairs : 08-09July, 2021

 1. Which ministry has recently announced the recognition of WAKO India Kickboxing Federation as National Sports Federation (NSF) for promot...

Which online video game store is named after this water phenomenon?

Smoke Smog Steam Mist ans. Steam

What is this animal called?

Bobcat Fishing Cat Jaguar Cougar ans. Bobcat

In the G7 summit, which country proposed a minimum global corporation tax rate of 15%?

China Brazil Russia USA ans. USA

Yuan Longping, a Chinese agronomist who recently passed away, is known for developing the first varieties of what in the 1970s?

Hybrid tomato Hybrid potato Hybrid rice Hybrid fish ans. Hybrid rice

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of African violet plant in which state of India?

Goa Mizoram Sikkim Himachal Pradesh ans.Mizoram