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Current Affairs : 15-16 June, 2021

  1. Recently in which country more than 4200 tonnes of salmon fish have been killed due to algae? Answer – Chile In the South American coun...

Which of the following was invented by Alan Shugart while working for this company?

Transistor USB Floppy Disk Computer Mouse ANS. Floppy Disk

Name these nomadic people of the Sahara desert who are known for their unique tea ceremony and blue coloured veil.

Bedouins Tuaregs Bushmen Maasai ANS. Tuaregs

Who has recently won the Best Actor Oscar in 2021 for playing an old man with dementia?

Anthony Hopkins Riz Ahmed Gary Oldman Chadwick Boseman ANS. Anthony Hopkins

Which football club topped the EPL table in 2020-21 to win its fifth Premier League title?

Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Manchester City ANS. Manchester City

In April 2021, which space agency launched the SHIELDS Mission?


What do the ear flaps in this animal help it do?

Find water source Eat food Run fast Stay cool ANS. Stay cool

According to legend, on the order of King Arthur people like these spent their lives searching for which precious treasure?

Holy Grail Excalibur Nazi Gold Montezuma's Treasure ANS. Holy Grail

Which popular series of books on dragons is authored by Tui T. Sutherland?

The Fire Breathers Flying Fortress Wings of Fire Elephant in the Sky ANS. Wings of Fire

In which country would you find the hot and dry deserts called Gibson, Simpson and Tanami?

Indonesia Australia Namibia Egypt ANS. Australia

In the final of which of these ATP Masters 1000 series tournaments in 2021 did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic?

Italian Open Madrid Open Miami Open Monte Carlo Masters ANS. Italian Open

Current Affairs : 13-14 June, 2021

 1. In which country has the BRO's flagship project Project DANTAK been implemented recently? Answer – Bhutan Project Dantak was establi...

Which legendary hero from Switzerland was made to shoot an arrow at this fruit balanced on his son's head?

William Tell William Wallace Robin hood Charlemagne ANS. William Tell

Called Hanboks, these are the traditional clothes worn by the people of which Asian county?

Bhutan Mongolia South Korea Singapore ANS. South Korea

As of May 2021, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former Norweigian player, is the current manager of which EPL club?

Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur ANS. Manchester United

What name was given to the most famous rock formation in the Galapagos Islands that has recently collapsed into the sea?

Newton's Arch Columbus's Arch Amundsen's Arch Darwin's Arch ANS. Darwin's Arch

With which medicine company has India's DRDO collaborated to develop the 2DG drug for treatment of COVID-19?

Dr Reddy's Sun Pharma Cipla Dabur ANS. Dr Reddy's

Identify the festival from this picture.

Burning Man Coachella Sunburn Woodstock ANS. Burning Man

This animal became famous across the world with the release of which animated film in 2005?

Zootopia The Lion King Jungle Book Madagascar ANS. Madagascar

Which artist's painting titled “Painting for Saints” as a tribute to the NHS and healthcare workers, recently auctioned for £14.4m?

Shepard Fairey Banksy Keith Haring King robbo ANS. Banksy