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Touch line is related to which game?

[A] boxing [B] Kabaddi [C] swimming [D] football

Which player is known as the king of Polwalt?

[A] Emma George [B] ryan botha [C] Sergei Bubka [D] None of these

Which of the following cricket players is known as Hollywood?

[A] Saurabh Ganguly [B] Shane Warne [C] Vinod Kambli [D] Sachin Tendulkar

Which international cricket umpire is known by the nickname Great Dealer?

[A] David Shaffer [B] Steve Buckner [C] Dicky Bird [D] None of these

Which player is known as Little Master?

[A] Vinod Kambli [B] Mahendra Singh Dhoni [C] Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar [D] Rohit Sharma

Which of the following bowlers is known as Terminator?

[A] Mahendra Singh Dhoni [B] Murali Karthik [C] Suresh Raina [D] Harbhajan Singh

With which country does Sergei Bubka belong?

[A] Ukraine [B] Australia [C] Russia [D] England

What is a equestrian sports complex called?

[A] course [B] Arena [C] Greens [D] velodrome

Famous golfer Vijay Singh is related to which country?

[A] Ukraine [B] Australia [C] New Zealand [D] Fiji

By what name is the place where skating is played?

[A] rink [B] Greens [C] course [D] range

Which game is related to 3 seconds?

[A] billiards [B] basketball [C] Polo [D] Boxing

Irani Cup is related to which game?

[A] hockey [B] football [C] cricket [D] Boxing

Upper Cut is related to which game?

[A] boxed [B] basketball [C] Golf [D] lawn tennis

Which of the following players is not related to hockey?

[A] Balveer Singh [B] GS Ramchand [C] Prithvipal Singh [D] Ashok Kumar

How many cross lanes are there in Kho Kho?

[A] 9 [B] 8 [C] 16 [D] 2

In which year did the Arjuna Award begin?

[A] 1980 [B] 1951 [C] 1961 [D] 1967

Which of the following players has been honored with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2012?

[A] Vijay Kumar [B] George Bush [C] Yogeshwar Dutt [D] Kim Hughes

Kabaddi game was first started in which country?

[A] Greek [B] Russia [C] India [D] Japan

Who among the following is the chairman of the International Olympic Committee?

[A] Yogeshwar Dutt [B] Jacques Roge [C] Vijay Kumar [D] Geoff Howarth

Which country has won the highest gold medal in the 30th Olympics held in London in 2012?

[A] America [B] Japan [C] Russia [D] India