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Forest guard exam rajasthan gk quiz-5

1. Taragarh peak of Aravali is in which district? (A) Nagaur (C) Ajmer (B) Pali (D) Sikar ANS. (C) Ajmer 2. Where is the bidi making governm...

Forest guard exam rajasthan gk quiz- 4

 1. Dhaman, Karad and Anjan are- (A) Sheep varieties in Rajasthan (B) Varieties of castor seed in Gujarat (C) Varieties of grasses in Rajast...

Forest guard exam rajasthan gk quiz- 3

 1. When did Akbar take over Chittor? (A) 24 February 1502 AD (B) 24 February, 1501 AD, (C) 24 February 1508 AD (D) 24 February 1558 AD. ANS...

Forest guard exam rajasthan gk quiz-2

 1. Poverty ratio in Rajasthan as compared to national ratio? A. is less B. is more C. is equal D. is almost equal  Ans. A. is less 2. Which...

Forest guard exam rajasthan gk quiz-1

 1. Who has been called the only primitive caste of the state? A. Sahariya B. Sansi C. Kanjar D. Garasia ANS. A. Sahariya 2. When was the Ra...

Does the High Court appoint a Judge?

A. President B. Governor C. Chief Justice DPrime Minister ANS. A. President

Which saints, after moving from Mecca, gave the title of Pir to Pir?

A. Ramdev ji B. Raidas Ji C. Bhatrihari D. Jambha Ji ANS. A. Ramdev ji

Which of the following dialects is a mixture of Ragadi dialect?

A. Marwadi and Khodadi B. Malvi and Hadoti C. Marwari and Malvi D. trace and hardness ANS.C. Marwari and Malvi

With regard to Jeevan Dhara Yojana in India?

A. Construction of Irrigation Coo B. Insurance Scheme for the Poor C. Providing electricity to the rural poor D. Providing Medical Assistanc...

Which variety of iron is found in Rajasthan?

A. Hematite B. Magnetite C. Jonomite D. B and C only ANS. A. Hematite

In which district is Vanasthali Vidyapeeth located?

A. Bikaner B. Ladnu C. Talk D. Jaipur ANS. C. Talk

Panchayati ganchi is the apex institution in districts?

A. City Council B. Municipal Corporation C. Panchayat Samiti D. District Council ANS. D. District Council

The Bharatpur canal is derived from which river?

A. Yamuna B Indus C. Chambal D. Mahi ANS.A. Yamuna

Where is the only summer resort of Rajasthan located?

A. In the fortified fort of Taragarh B. In Mount Abu C. in Kakroli D. in Udaipur

In which state did the anti-pigs agitation movement take place in the year 1921?

A. Kota B. Bundi C. Alwar D. Bharatpur ANS.C. Alwar

Who got Govardhan worshiped?

A. Krishna B. Mercury C. Ram D. Baman ANS. A. Krishna

Which animal breed is Haryanvi?

A. cow B. Goat C. Buffalo D. Sheep ANS. A. cow

In which area of ​​Udaipur district have new copper deposits unearthed?

A. Kankroli Region b. Anjali area C. Barber area D. Andari Area ANS. b. Anjali area

Which is the epic written by the poet Nayan Chandra Suri?

A. Prithviraj Vijay B. Shishupala Slaughter C. Raja Vallabh D. Hamir Epic ANS. B. Shishupala Slaughter

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