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Showing posts with label GENERAL SCIENCE – PHYSICS GK. Show all posts

What is the reason for diffusion of atmospheric light?

[A] carbon dioxide [B] dust [C] helium [D] Water vapor   Answer: [B] dust

Used in the glasses of a person suffering from myopia?

[A] convex lens [B] Flat-convex lens [C] concave lens [D] concave lens   Answer: [A] convex lens

Which lenses are used for far-sightedness?

[A] concave lens [B] convex lens [C] convex lens [D] concave mirror   Answer: [B] convex lens

Who invented the telescope?

[A] Galileans [B] Guttenberg [C] Addison [D] by Graham Bell  Answer: [A] Galileans

Items are transferred as a result of whom?

[A] electron [B] protons [C] neutrons [D] None of these  Answer: [A] electron

What is the most electrically conductive element?

[A] Silver [B] copper [C] Iron [D] None of these  Answer: [A] Silver

Is a symptom of superconductivity?

[A] high permeability [B] low permeability [C] zero permeability [D] infinite permeability  Answer: [A] High permeability

What is the device used to convert a alternating current into a direct current?

[A] inverter [B] transformer [C] rectifier [D] transmitter  Answer: [C] rectifier

What is the unit of voltage?

[A] ampere [B] volts [C] Henry [D] Om  Answer: [B] Volt

What is the resistance of an ideal volt meter?

[A] zero [B] one [C] infinite [D] None of these  Answer: [C] Anant

Is the unit of resistance?

[A] ampere [B] Coulomb [C] Henry [D] Om   Answer: [D] Om

What is the SI unit of specific resistance?

[A] Om [B] Ohm-meter [C] ohm / meter [D] None of these   Answer: [B] Ohm-meter

What energy is found in a dry cell?

[A] mechanical [B] Electricity [C] Chemical [D] None of these   Answer: [C] Chemical

Who invented the Voltaic cell?

[A] Benjamin Franklin [B] Thomas Edison [C] Alejandro Volta [D] None of these  Answer: [C] Alejandro Volta

Is dry cell?

[A] primary cell [B] cellular cell [C] tertiary cell [D] quartile cell  Answer: [A] Primary Cell

Who has proposed the rules for electrical decomposition?

[A] Om [B] Faraday [C] Edison [D] Volta  Answer: [B] Faraday

Who invented the lightning driver?

[A] Graham Bell [B] Lord Lister [C] Benjamin Franklin [D] None of these  Answer: [C] Benjamin Franklin

Which of the following is antimicrobial?

[A] Iron [B] Bismuth [C] nickel [D] Cobalt  Answer: [B] Bismuth

Who first observed the magnetic effect of electric current?

[A] Henry [B] orsted [C] Faraday [D] Volta  Answer: [B] Orsted

The laws of electromagnetic induction are used to construct whom?

[A] Thermometer [B] voltmeter [C] electric motor [D] generator  Answer: [D] generator