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What application software enables you to create efficient slide show presentations in India?

[A] MS Axel [B] MS Outlook [C] MS Powerpoint [D] MS Paint  Answer: [C] MS Powerpoint

In MS Excel, if the content in a cell is large and not visible in the cell then we use _______ to make all the content visible in the cell?

[A] merge cell [B] Wrap Text [C] Fit cell on one page [D] Insert cell Answer: [B] Wrap Text

Use the MS-DOS / Windows _ command and Unix / Linux _ command to list the current directory / files or to get information about the file?

[A] rmdir, mkdir [B] ls, dir [C] type, cat [D] none of the above  Answer: [D] None of the above

An example of Android _?

[A] hardware [B] operating system [C] application software [D] mobile kernel  Answer: [B] Operating System

Dot matrix, inkjet and laser are types of computer peripherals?

[A] monitor [B] printer [C] software [D] keyboard   Answer: [B] Printer

What happens when we clear the conversation in Outlook 2010?

[A] This will delete the current mail [B] delete all this mail [C] This will delete all the conversations currently associated with the view...

In Windows 10 ___ web browser has replaced Internet Explorer?

[A] UC Web [B] Microsoft Edge [C] Mozilla Firefox [D] Opera Mini  Answer: [B] Microsoft Edge

Statement 1: High disk is an example of electromagnetic disk. Statement 2: Blu-ray discs are an example of optical discs. Choose the appropriate option from the following:

[A] Statement 1 is correct and statement 2 is wrong. [B] Both statement 1 and statement 2 are wrong. [C] Statement 1 is false and statement ...

What features does MS Word 2010 use to monitor all changes to a document?

[A] Track Change [B] Monitor changes [C] Edit Document [D] Let's play  Answer: [A] Track Change

Which desktop feature is included in Windows 10 that was removed in Windows 8?

[A] Start Menu [B] Recycle bin [C] Gadgets [D] Search through window key  Answer: [A] Start Menu

Word processor which is part of the Windows operating system?

[A] WordPad [B] Notepad [C] Adobe Photoshop [D] Paint  Answer: [A] WordPad

The …………… key enables you to delete the character to the right of the cursor?

[A] and [B] backspace [C] delete [D] Home  Answer: [C] delete

Which of the following falls under the category of social networking websites?

[A] Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn [B] Google, Yahoo and Alexa [C] Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome [D] Flipkart, Amazon and Snapd...

How are computers used to do homework for school children?

[A] By creating documents, using Excel worksheet and Internet [B] By creating digital ads and scheduling meetings [C] Watching videos of Bol...

Which of the following protocols is used for email services?

[A] SPOP [B] SMOP [C] SMTP [D] SUPP   Answer: [C] SMTP

Which of the following is not an example of a web browser?

[A] Internet Explorer [B] Google [C] Opera [D] None of these   Answer: [B] Google

N. T.F.S. What is the full form of (NTFS)?

[A] Non-Transfer File System [B] New Technology File System [C] Non-technical folder system [D] New Technology Folder System  Answer: [B] Ne...

What is the full form of WiFi?

[A] Wireless Fidelity [B] wireless factory [C] Wire Fire [D] Wireless Works File  Answer: [A] Wireless Fidelity

Which of the following words is not related to MS Word?

[A] clip art [B] header and footer [C] presentation [D] bookmarks and hyperlinks  Answer: [C] presentation

Which of the following is not a valid example of operating system?

[A] Linux [B] MS dose [C] Google Android [D] Google Chrome  Answer: [D] Google Chrome