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 1. On which day did the Constituent Assembly of India adopt the format of the national flag?

[A] On 22 July 1947

[B] on 28 July 1947

[C] On 17 July 1947

[D] on 22 July 1948

 Answer: [A] On 22 July 1947

2. What is the number of matchsticks in the tricolor of the national flag?

[A] 22

[B] 12

[C] 24

[D] 16

 Answer: [C] 24

3. What does the green flag of the national flag represent?

[A] of development and truth

[B] growth and fertility

[C] of peace and truth

[D] other

 Answer: [B] growth and fertility

4. What does the white flag of the national flag indicate?

[A] of development and truth

[B] courage and development

[C] of peace and truth

[D] other

 Answer: [C] of peace and truth

5. What is the length-to-width ratio of the national flag of India?

[A] 2: 2

[B] 2: 3

[C] 3: 2

[D] 1: 2

 Answer: [C] 3: 2

6. What color stripe is there in the middle of the national flag tricolor?

[A] white

[B] Green color

[C] dark saffron color

[D] white and green

 Answer: [A] White

7. What color strip is at the top of the national flag tricolor?

[A] white

[B] Green color

[C] dark saffron color

[D] white and green

 Answer: [C] dark saffron color

8. The deep saffron color of the national flag tricolor inspires whom?

[A] strength and courage

[B] peace and truth

[C] Growth and Fertility

[D] other

 Answer: [A] Strength and courage

9. In what proportion do the three horizontal stripes remain in the national flag tricolor?

[A] 3: 2: 1

[B] 2: 2: 2

[C] 1: 1: 1

[D] other

 Answer: [C] 1: 1: 1

10. Who was the first female doctor?

[A] Mamta Banerjee

[B] Prema Mathur

[C] Kadambini Ganguly

[D] other

 Answer: [C] Kadambini Ganguly

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