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1. Which river is called Ganga of South India?

[A] Cauvery

[B] Tungabhadra

[C] Godavari

[D] Krishna

 Answer: [C] Godavari

2. When was the 'National Flag Rule' of India implemented?

[A] 2000

[B] 2001

[C] 2002

[D] 2003

 Answer: [C] 2002

3. Which was the President of India who died during his tenure?

[A] Sanjeev Reddy

[B] Dr. Zakir Hussain

[C] Dr. V. V. Giri

[D] None of these

 Answer: [B] Dr. Zakir Hussain

4. Who was the British Governor General to introduce the dock system in India?

[A] Lord Dalhousie

[B] Lord Cripps

[C] Lord Curzon

[D] Lord Mountbatten

 Answer: [A] Lord Dalhousie

5. Who is considered to be the father of Indian cinema?

[A] Devika Rani

[B] Dadasaheb Phalke

[C] Lumier Brothers

[D] other

 Answer: [B] Dadasaheb Phalke

6. Where is the headquarters of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board established in India?

[A] Bangalore

[B] Mumbai

[C] Delhi

[D] Meerut

 Answer: [B] Mumbai

7. When was the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board established in India?

[A] On 15 November 1983

[B] on 18 November 1985

[C] on 25 November 1988

[D] other

 Answer: [A] On 15 November 1983

8. When did wind energy production begin in India?

[A] 1990

[B] 2000

[C] 1995

[D] 1980

 Answer: [A] 1990

9. What percentage of the total installed energy production in India is produced by wind energy?

[A] 10%

[B] 7%

[C] 6%

[D] 5%

 Answer: [C] 6%

10. Where is the maximum production of wind energy in India?

[A] Punjab

[B] Tamil Nadu

[C] Kerala

[D] Madhya Pradesh

 Answer: [B] Tamil Nadu 

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