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 1. Which is the highest mountain peak of India?

[A] Kanchenjunga

[B] Nanda Devi

[C] Gadwin Austin

[D] Nanga Parbat

 Answer: [C] Gadwin Austin

2. Which state of India borders with three countries, Nepal, Bhutan and China respectively?

[A] Meghalaya

[B] Arunachal Pradesh

[C] West Bengal

[D] Sikkim

 Answer: [D] Sikkim

3. Which mountain is situated on the northern border of India?

[A] Maikal

[B] Himalaya

[C] Eucalyptus

[D] Aravali

 Answer: [B] Himalaya

4. The plain plain spread over the sub-Himalayan region in North India is called?

[A] Bhavar

[B] Khadar

[C] Doon

[D] Terai

 Answer: [A] Bhavar

5. How many of the following states are along the coast line in India?

[A] 7

[B] 8

[C] 9

[D] 10

 Answer: [C] 9

6. Which of the Indian cities is located in the east and the most east?

[A] Lucknow

[B] Bangalore

[C] Bhopal

[D] Hyderabad

 Answer: [A] Lucknow

7. Which is the southernmost geographical unit of India?

[A] Lakshadweep

[B] Rameshwar

[C] Kanyakumari

[D] Nicobar Islands

 Answer: [D] Nicobar Islands

8. Where is Siachen Glacier located?

[A] Himachal Pradesh

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Jammu Kashmir

[D] Sikkim

 Answer: [C] Jammu Kashmir

9. Where is India's largest tunnel Jawahar Tunnel located?

[A] states

[B] West Bengal

[C] Jammu and Kashmir

[D] Himachal Pradesh

 Answer: [C] Jammu and Kashmir

10. By what name is the eastern seaboard of India known?

[A] Digha Coast

[B] Malawar Coast

[C] Konkan Coast

[D] Coromandal Coast

 Answer: [D] Coromandal Coast

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