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 1. Where is the Wular lake located?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Jammu and Kashmir

[C] Uttarakhand

[D] Himachal Pradesh

 Answer: [B] Jammu and Kashmir

2. Where is Loktak, the largest lake in north-eastern India located?

[A] Meghalaya

[B] Manipur

[C] Tripura

[D] Mizoram

 Answer: [B] Manipur

3. India's largest freshwater lake?

[A] Pushkar

[B] Loktak

[C] Wooler

[D] dal

 Answer: [C] Wooler

4. Which of the following rivers does not have a source of origin in India?

[A] Chenab

[B] Ravi

[C] Sutlej

[D] Vyas

 Answer: [C] Sutlej

5. Which state of India flows most of the Narmada River?

[A] Madhya Pradesh

[B] Rajasthan

[C] passes

[D] Maharashtra

 Answer: [A] Madhya Pradesh

6. Which of the following is the largest river of Wah in India?

[A] Narmada

[B] Mahanadi

[C] Ganges

[D] Godavari

 Answer: [C] Ganges

7. Which is the oldest mountain range of India?

[A] Vindhya

[B] Himalaya

[C] Aravali

[D] Satpura

 Answer: [C] Aravali

8. The highest peak of the Aravalli mountain is called?

[A] Thursday

[B] Ser

[C] Dodabetta

[D] None of these

 Answer: [A] Gurushkhar

9. Which mountain range in India is spread over only one state?

[A] Aravali

[B] Ajanta

[C] Satpura

[D] None of these

 Answer: [B] Ajanta

10. Which of the following mountain ranges of India is the latest?

[A] Himalaya

[B] Sahyadri

[C] Aravali

[D] Satpura

 Answer: [A] Himalaya

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