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 1. What percentage of the total forest area of ​​the world is in India?

[A] 2.11%

[B] 2.82%

[C] 1.9%

[D] None of these

 Answer: [B] 2.82%

2. Who is the creator of 'Van Mahotsav'?

[A] Jawaharlal Nehru

[B] Vinoba Bhave

[C] K. M. Munshi

[D] Mahatma Gandhi

 Answer: [C] K. M. Munshi

3. Where is the headquarters of Forest Survey Department of India located?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Dehradun

[C] Bhopal

[D] Nagpur

 Answer: [B] Dehradun

4. Which monsoon receives the highest rainfall on the western coast of India?

[A] Southeast

[B] South-West

[C] Northeast

[D] Northwest

 Answer: [B] South-west

5. Which state of India receives rain during the winter season?

[A] Orissa

[B] Pt. Bengal

[C] Kerala

[D] Tamil Nadu

 Answer: [A] Orissa

6. Indo-Pak Baglihar Project is situated on which river?

[A] Jhelum

[B] Sutlej

[C] Diameter

[D] Chinese

 Answer: [D] Chinaw

7. When does the Coromandal coast of India receive the highest rainfall?

[A] In June-September

[B] In October-November

[C] In January-February

[D] in March-May

 Answer: [B] October-November

8. The first multi-purpose river valley project in India is built on which river?

[A] Cauvery

[B] Godavari

[C] Damodar

[D] Koyna

 Answer: [C] Damodar

9. Where is Fulhar Lake located?

[A] In Uttarakhand

[B] in Bihar

[C] In Madhya Pradesh

[D] in Uttar Pradesh

 Answer: [D] in Uttar Pradesh

10. Which of the following lakes is known as lagoon lake?

[A] Mansarovar

[B] Chilka Lake

[C] Pulicat

[D] Dal Lake

 Answer: [B] Chilka Lake

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