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1. Which of the following is the largest rice producing state in India?

[A] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Pt. Bengal

[D] Punjab

 Answer: [C] Pt. Bengal

2. In which part of India is the pond most commonly used as a means of irrigation?

[A] Eastern

[B] Western

[C] Southern

[D] Northern

 Answer: [C] Southern

3. Which is the most important means of irrigation in India?

[A] canals

[B] Pond

[C] well

[D] Tube wells and wells

 Answer: [D] Tube wells and wells

4. What percentage of all the land area of ​​India is covered with alluvial soil?

[A] 21%

[B] 22%

[C] 24%

[D] 27%


5. What type of soil is spread over the most area of ​​India?

[A] red

[B] laterite

[C] alluvial

[D] Black

 Answer: [C] Alluvial

6. Which is the most important soil of India?

[A] Black

[B] red

[C] laterite

[D] alluvial

 Answer: [D] Alluvial

7. According to Indian Council of Agricultural Research, how many types of soils are found in India?

[A] 4

[B] 5

[C] 6

[D] 8

 Answer: [D] 8

8. Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

[A] Corbett

[B] Nagarjuna

[C] Manas

[D] screw

 Answer: [A] Corbett

9. Which state is famous for sandalwood in India?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Kerala

[C] Karnataka

[D] Assam

 Answer: [C] Karnataka

10. In which year was the Forest Survey Department of India established?

[A] in 1999

[B] in 1989

[C] in 1981

[D] None of these

 Answer: [C] 1981

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