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 1. Where was the production of mineral oil first started in India?

[A] In Digboi

[B] in Naharkatiya

[C] in Ankleshwar

[D] None of these

 Answer: [A] In Digboi

2. Mineral oil deposits are found mainly in which type of rocks in India?

[A] sedentary

[B] metamorphosed

[C] Igneous

[D] None of these

 Answer: [A] Resident

3. Where are the most coal reserves found in India?

[A] Jharkhand

[B] Chhattisgarh

[C] Orissa

[D] Pt. Bengal

 Answer: [A] Jharkhand

4. Where is gold found in India?

[A] Kolar

[B] emerald

[C] Motipura

[D] None of these

 Answer: [A] Kolar

5. From which place is the highest diamond extracted in India?

[A] Golconda

[B] Quillon

[C] Emerald

[D] Jaipur

 Answer: [C] Panna

6. Which state is the largest producer of bauxite in India?

[A] Bhopal

[B] Nagpur

[C] Orissa

[D] Jharkhand

 Answer: [C] Orissa

7. Which state of India produces the most zinc?

[A] Rajasthan

[B] Jammu and Kashmir

[C] Sikkim

[D] Maharashtra

 Answer: [A] Rajasthan

8. Which is the highest iron-producing state in India?

[A] Orissa

[B] Chhattisgarh

[C] Jharkhand

[D] Chennai

 Answer: [B] Chhattisgarh

9. Is the main source of commercial energy in India?

[A] coal

[B] Natural Gas

[C] nuclear energy

[D] mineral oil

 Answer: [A] Coal

10. What percentage of India's commercial energy is supplied by coal?

[A] 65%

[B] 56%

[C] 53%

[D] 67%

 Answer: [D] 67%

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