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Current Affairs : 14 July, 2021

 1. Which state of India has been included in the railway map recently? Answer – Manipur Manipur state of India has been included in the rai...

The young males of this species are known as?

Joey Stallion Filly Colt ANS.Colt

In the logo of which company do you see this object come to life and replace the 'I' in its name?

Disney Indica Calvin Klein Pixar ANS. Pixar

As per the Guiness Book of World Records, Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani occupies what distinction?

Bottle of water collected from highest source Bottle of water collected from deepest source Most expensive bottle of water in the world Wate...

Iron rich 'Bao-Dhan' is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers in which Indian state?

Uttar Pradesh Assam Mizoram Andhra Pradesh ANS. Assam

Kadapala Rithvika Sri, a 9-year-old girl from Andhra Pradesh, became Asia's youngest girl to climb which African peak in March 2021?

Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Kenya Mount Meru Mount Cameroon ANS. Mount Kilimanjaro

Current Affairs : 13 July, 2021

 1. Recently the 'Chief Minister COVID-19 Family Financial Assistance Scheme' has been launched in the state? North- Delhi Delhi Chi...

What do you call the person who is obsessed with collecting this item?

Runhead Jumpmaniac Sneaksavvy Sneakerhead ANS. Sneakerhead

What is the name of this difficult to prepare exotic vegetable?

Romanesco Nopales Gobhi Artichoke ANS. Artichoke

During the recent T20I series between the Indian Women's Team and the South African Women's Team, who won Player of the Series?

Smriti Mandhana Shafali Verma Poonam Yadav Lizelle Lee ANS. Shafali Verma